As you might have guessed from the URL of this site, I’m Michael J. Suh.

Please don’t confuse me with that Chipotle roof sex guy.

This site is where I post (if I remember to do so) things that are too long for Twitter, too serious for Facebook, and too wordy for Instagram.

I’m an “older millennial” who lives and works in the Washington, D.C. metro area, out and proud, Asian American (no hyphen, please!), humanist, liberal, nerd, omnivore, musician.

Some of the things that I like and interest me are the color green, bears, beards, ethnography, digital strategy, technology, project management, social media (my links are in the footer), wristwatches (but not smartwatches), Kesha (RIP “$”), comics (mostly Marvel), museums, Crispy M&Ms, ice cream and gelato, Peach-Pear La Croix, anything lemon-flavored, playing, listening to, and performing music (brass and piano), and hunting for new tchotchkes.

Leave me a comment on any of my posts, or slide into my DMs via my Twitter page.